About Us

Meet your stylists, Stacy and Roxanne

“I’m happy when you look in the mirror and love what you see, but I consider it pure joy when you look in the mirror and love who you are.” ~ Stacy 

What Inspired You to Start Styles & Statements?  

An idea inspired to use creativity and visual sense to make an impact in the lives of others. However, it goes beyond the clothes and a great outfit. We see potential in people. We envision your style and clothe you with confidence. We change the way you show up in the world. We created a service that focuses on YOU. It’s not about what you should or shouldn’t wear, it’s about creating a reflection of who you are. Everyone is unique. That’s why we created a customized solution based on your lifestyle and need. Together we make a plan to achieve your desired outcome and we are with you every step of the way!


What’s Your Style? 

Simple and classic with a pop of statement. I love playing with color, texture, and pattern. The fun for me is to re-create a look I’ve seen in a magazine, in person, or on TV. I never tire of creating a new look.


Styling Advice?

Accentuate your best features. The key to a great silhouette is proportion and balance. Change up your wardrobe on a regular basis so you don’t get bored. Purge twice a year to not get overwhelmed with too many clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great wardrobe. When in doubt, go with a great jacket and handbag. Style doesn’t have to be complicated!

Stacy Drake

Founder | Lead Stylist

Phone: (612) 599-0613

Email: Stacy@StylesandStatements.com

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You look at your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear.” I hear that and say, “Challenge accepted.” ~ Roxanne
I love shopping and fashion – it’s my passion. I love to help women be their best. My goal is to empower you through your own unique look and style. I work alongside you, learn how you feel about yourself, the parts you’re most proud of and the areas you may want to minimize. I utilize what you have in your own closet and shop with you to build a wonderful working wardrobe.


What’s your specialty?

Wardrobe enhancements, makeovers, and closet revamps. I get in your closet to see what you have that’s working, what isn’t, and make your current wardrobe work better for your lifestyle and needs. I embrace wardrobe dilemmas! If you have a piece you love, but can’t figure out how to wear, I come up with several different ways to wear it with diverse looks. I can show you how to never get bored with your wardrobe again.


What’s your personal style?

I like to have fun with my look. I embrace edgy, trendy, sporty, boho, romantic, and classic styles. I never wear the same outfit twice. It’s just a matter of making your clothes work differently each time, as simple as changing things up with a different piece of jewelry.


Why Styles & Statements?

Styles & Statements is a great fit for me! My interest is in YOU, and that’s why I love working as a personal stylist. I get to guide women through the process of embracing themselves, building confidence and developing great style. My motto is, “Let’s shop for it and own it!”

Roxanne Frolik

Wardrobe Stylist

Phone: (612) 382-5841

Email: Roxanne@StylesandStatements.com