I love accessorizing. It’s the final touches that complete the look. Add a pop of statement: a great handbag, scarf or necklace, statement earrings. For years I was all about the statement jewelry. Now I’d rather wear a scarf than a statement necklace. In fact, I have purged 90% of my jewelry.

“Sell or donate jewelry you don’t wear.”

Here are a few tips on starting your DIY jewelry purge:

  1. Gift your fine jewelry/heirloom pieces to adult children, grandchildren, or family members that would be honored to receive it.  Take a little time to be sentimental.  More than likely there is a personal and emotional attachment to this jewelry. If you are feeling like you will miss a particular piece, take a picture of it.

“We have creative ideas on how to hold on to the memory of heirloom pieces of jewelry and let go of the physical piece.”

  1. Gather all your favorite pieces of jewelry. They are more than likely in a convenient location because these are your “go-to” pieces. Put all of the jewelry that you wear on a regular basis in one location.

“How many pieces of jewelry are left after you have gifted fine jewelry/heirloom pieces and pulled out all your favorite pieces that you wear?”

Comment below.

  1. Now it’s time to touch the pieces of jewelry that you once loved but for whatever reason, no longer wear. It’s okay to let these go. Sell the pieces of jewelry you spent more money on. This will help ease the guilt factor that creeps in our head as you purge. I have had success selling in garage sale sites or swap & shop groups on Facebook. You can also bring these pieces to your local consignment or resale shops.

“Don’t be offended if you are not offered very much for your jewelry. Chances are it doesn’t have a high resale value.”

  1. Donate. We partner with several non-profits that would love your jewelry. Dress For Success is one example of a worldwide non-profit that your jewelry will put a smile on a woman’s face as she is getting dressed for that job interview. Contact us for local non-profits we partner with.

“Giving is good for your soul.”

Tip to prepare jewelry for donating:

Hang necklaces on hangers. You can layer several on one hanger. Earrings and rings are best in snack size zip lock bags. Bracelets in quart size bags. Keep it simple and easy to sort.

“Getting rid of jewelry you don’t wear is freeing.”


A note from The Style Therapist:

I challenge you to block out a Saturday morning and get started with Step #1. If you are too overwhelmed, let’s schedule a complimentary consultation.

To be continued… Next up: scarves, handbags, and shoes!

Cheers to simplifying your accessories ~

Stacy Drake

The Style Therapist

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