Whatever the number is regarding weight; I’m tired of the same old talk in my head over how my pants are fitting. How about you? Recently, I made a random decision (out of frustration) and tried on everything in my closet. I must admit I had a few choice words to myself. “Oh Stacy, you have a five inch gap to get this buttoned……how cute!”

“Remove EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit from your closet.”

I have lived with my own ridiculous expectations of how I “should” look instead of embracing how God created me. So what, I hate my knees (I really do). Actually my entire legs are pretty much covered year around. I learned this from my mother.

Genetics: the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

I have worked with women in all body types and I have never once thought any of you should look different. So why are we so hard on ourselves about how we see ourselves in the mirror? At forty-something (heavy on the something) I have ditched the scale and dress myself in clothes that fit and draw the eye to the right places.

“With age comes a newfound beauty.”

  • Accept your body type
  • Own your style and wear it with confidence
  • Accentuate your best features
  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit
  • If you don’t know how to put looks together, ask for help
  • Take time to focus on your health and wellness


One last thought….

“Does anyone else look back at pictures and think, I thought I didn’t like how I looked back then and now I wish I looked like that?”

A note from The Style Therapist:

You are wonderfully made. You are amazing just the way you are. And remember that people don’t see your flaws like you do, so stop wasting time being critical of yourself. Clothe yourself in confidence.


PS: Let’s go shopping!

Xo, Stacy Drake

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